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Sent to BBC Comments today regarding the new style on the BBC News website…

I may be in a minority, but although my screen may be 1024×768, that
is not the resolution at which my applications run. I often (nee all
the time) have many applications open at once and the most efficient
way to know what’s going on in all of them is to have them layered and
*not* filling the whole screen.

The old 600 wide layout was perfect for this and was a design concept
I would reccomend to others too. The new design, however, doesn’t
actually provide any more space for actual content but, instead, makes
the navigation bars around the edge much “bigger” (that is wider and
fatter). This means I need to scroll off the side to see some of the
sidebar content (which annoys me greatly on any page — sideways
scrolling should never be required).

Furthermore, what were considered headings further down the page under
“AROUND THE UK NOW”, the section headings used to be bold and are no
longer. This makes it much harder to skim down for what you’re looking

I am aware that people far cleverer than I have had a hand in creating
this new design, however it is, in my opinion, a step too far into the
“Web 2.0” idiom. The site was, previously, clean, concise and easy to
navigate for all. That is no longer the case, I fear.

5 thoughts on “BBC News site redesign

  1. I have a wide screen laptop and quite like the idea that they are making a bit more use of the space on my screen. Even on my desktop the size of the site is still ok.

    However I’m having quite a bit of an issue with the white space. I’m sure we all agree that white space gives a site the feeling of air-y-ness and lightness – however I really hate the way this comes across on It just spreads it all out, giving nothing more and nothing less.

    It is like spreading your marmalade over toast. Using the same amount of marmalade over a smaller area increases flavour. Over a larger area and the taste is mostly of bread. Take head BBCnews – please give us more all around!



  2. I can’t say I like the redesign much – I thought the BBC was one of the few sites where a narrow column of content worked quite well – it left 5-7 words per line, which was ideal for quick and easy scanning of the articles for points that interested me.

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  4. It’s crap, isn’t it? It actually has fewer story links, but takes up much more space than the old design.

    As for the grey-on-white text… huh?!

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