Little criminals?

With reference to this BBC news article about some boys aged 10 to 12 being hauled before the Old Bailey to answer charges of Manslaughter…

What were they doing out and in a position to do something like that without parental guidance/observation?

The age of criminal responsibility should be at such an age as to when children are out and about apparently with enough nouse to know right from wrong. This may be different from child to child, but it should be up to the parents to decide if their child is ready to face the big wide world and is responsible enough a young-adult to do so. If they are not up to this yet, then maybe they shouldn’t be allowed to get in to such a situation.

I note how the BBC article makes absolutely no reference to the parents and the children’s upbringing — did they miss out on some vital moral lessons? Were they just being kids and playing around without realising that throwing stones at other people is wrong? If so, why did they think this?

It makes me quite sad, actually 🙁

If we do raise the age of criminal responsibility, on whom would fall the responsibility for the father who was killed by these boys? No one? The parents? I don’t know.

1 thought on “Little criminals?

  1. Sorry but you cannot expect anyone to take responsibility – particularly the parents.

    It is the state’s fault you see, in the same way that it is not my fault that I am on a diet for being a fat git.

    Moral standards (and who is to judge them these days), common sense and taking responsibility are not what the world is made of these days so it would seem.

    Pity really.

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