Well, after some pottering around the hosue today we went to the beach – lots of *huge* waves – it was great fun! Foo was sitting on the beach with his (old still) camera as is his wont when he spotted something bobbing in the water.

I swam to get it and Lo and Behold it was a coconut! I threw it up the beach to foo and it cracked the outside shell – foo prised it open (Cue squelching noice) and we ate half each 🙂 The milk was still inside (until foo found it.. :o) ) and it was very yummy.

We think it must have escaped from Herne Bay before it got used on a coconut shy – any other ideas?

1 thought on “CocoNut-ty

  1. A castaway on a desert island wrote a Help message on it but the words rubbed off in the salt water before it got to you.

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