Call for donors

On PM on the way home today, they were talking about the massive shortage of donors of sperm. One thing they said was that, for example, there is only one registered sperm donor in Scotland and (if I’m remembering correctly) none in Northern Ireland.

This got me thinking about whether or not it would be the sort of thing I would want to do. I don’t really know much about it other than the right to anonymity of donors has been removed so donor-conceived offspring are able to trace their biological parents (although said parents) have no legal rights or obligations regarding them.

Having read the documents on the HFEA website, I am quite encouraged to find out more but would welcome any comments from people. If you don’t want to make public statements, please email me.


Well, after some pottering around the hosue today we went to the beach – lots of *huge* waves – it was great fun! Foo was sitting on the beach with his (old still) camera as is his wont when he spotted something bobbing in the water.

I swam to get it and Lo and Behold it was a coconut! I threw it up the beach to foo and it cracked the outside shell – foo prised it open (Cue squelching noice) and we ate half each 🙂 The milk was still inside (until foo found it.. :o) ) and it was very yummy.

We think it must have escaped from Herne Bay before it got used on a coconut shy – any other ideas?