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I’ve been umming and arrings (and drooling) over getting a new camera for some time now (seriously thinking since about March).

Most of this time, I’ve had my eyes on a Canon 350D with some combination of lenses. [1]

What I’m after is a low-end, but extensible DSLR which I can experiment with, have fun with and, hopefully, take some nice pictures. I have borrowed a number of FD lenses from my dad which I’d like to be able to use (there are converters around), at least to start with.

I currently own a Fujifilm 2850Z which I’ve had for just over 4 years now and, although it’s a great camera, it’s showing its age [2]. I’m going to keep it, if anything, for Sarah 🙂

I suppose what I’m asking is: Any advice?


  1. Probably either the kit Canon 18-55,55-200 lenses or the Sigma equivilant.
  2. 3 cyan pixles, only 2 mega-pixels…

2 thoughts on “In search of…

  1. As you know I have just been through some of these hoops. My feeling is that it is an investment into a system be it Canon, Nikon or whoever. In your case I would be inclined to wait and see what the 400D does to the market, OK I know its SRP for the body only is £649 – but when it appears I expect that 1. it will sell for less than that AND 2. there will be better deals for the 350D – of course that may make your decision harder. 🙂

    As for lenses I have the kit 18-55 and Tamron 70-300 (half price at time of purchase of the DSLR), I know that they are not “great” lenses but thats fine as “great” lenses cost considerably more and they can be replaced another day when funds allow. In the meantime I have enough learning and experimenting to do and the results at the moment are more dependant on my abilities and knowledge rather than reaching the limit of the lenses.

    Just my two pennies worth.

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