RIP _58fr

On Thursday, a five year institution comes to an end and, as I wore an I’m blogging this tshirt to the farewell bbq, I suppose I ought to at least make some effort.

At the end of my first year at ukc, five of us moved into a house on an estate in Canterbury. As we were all CompSci students, we obviously needed a domain name for the house so it was dubbed the fivegeeks house (and was addressable Over the following years, the house has known many occupents but, of the original five of us, only Adam and Mark remained to the end.

To celebrate this passing, an honorary BBQ was held on Sunday afternoon. Thanks to Mark and Adam for organising this — it was a great afternoon with some old friends who I’ve not seen for a long time!

[PS: Adam and Mark… you eaten all the left overs yet?] 

Bloggy bloggy blog blog

Well, having been with Blogger for over a year now, I’ve decided that it’s time to start using something that doesn’t rely on any external sites 🙂

This may/may not encourage me to blog some more (hahaha!)