VOSA MOT Test failure rates data

Today, the VOSA released data pertaining to a Freedom of Information request from the BBC detailing the rates and reasons for vehicles failing the MOT Test in the UK

There’s a rather interesting report on the content of the data on the BBC news site but the only way to download the data is as a PDF from VOSA or as a Excel spreadsheet from the BBC. Both of these are not very parseable so I’ve converted them into a CSV and a MySQL dump file.

These files are not small… it’s over 12,600 rows in the following format:

  • make varchar
  • model varchar
  • year int
  • passes int
  • failures int
  • failrate float
  • body int
  • brakes int
  • driverview int
  • emissions int
  • lights int
  • identity int
  • wheels int
  • belts int
  • steering int
  • suspension int
  • tyres int
  • othercycles int
  • controls int
  • nottested int

The data is public, and the following files are released under the Creative Commons licence (see below for more info).

The two files available are:

I would be interested to hear of any interesting uses for this data, please feel free to comment below or let me know via Twitter (@fooflington)

Creative Commons License
Reworking of VOSA FoI data about MOT Test failures by Matthew Slowe is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.
Based on a work at www.vosa.gov.uk.

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